About Us

MASAHAT for Trading & Construction Company is one of the fastest-growing new companies in the field of trading, contracting and construction in Lebanon and was founded in 2014, under the management of Mr. Abbas Taleb and Ali Ahmed Taleb.  
The company is working at the local level in Lebanon. It worked since its inception on several housing projects.
MASAHAT Company based in all projects to earn the complete satisfaction of the customer, and this is ensured through a series of values ​​that guide each step of the work. These values ​​credibility and safety at work include, making it an ideal working environment. The company also is committed to adhering to its commitments and the final dates for delivery. The projects are focused on the lifestyles required in the housing market, and by studying the price and desired by the customer site.
Workspaces of the company to build residential apartments is not restricted, but goes beyond that to include pledges and commitments in addition to the restoration , reconstruction, and general trade.

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